Our products are ideally suited for everything from leather and cockpit care to furniture care. In addition, we also offer solutions for everyday use.

Washing cloths (wet)

Our wet washing cloths are an ideal solution for convenient and hygienic cleaning. They are used in doctor's offices, nursing homes and private residences where care is administered. But they can also be used for cleaning purposes, for example when cleaning the rims of wheels. Available in packaging sizes of 8, 10 or 12.


We manufacture wet cloths made of nonwoven fabrics in different sizes and for different areas of applications that are saturated with the appropriate fluids. They come with a convenient resealable label that means they can be stored and are ready for use down to the last wipe.


Especially in times like these, life without ready-to-use disinfecting wipes that come in containers for a hygienic removal of the individual wipes seems unthinkable. Depending on your needs and applications, we also offer the ready-to-use wipes with a provided disinfectant.


We produce disinfecting wipes in buckets for a hygienic removal of individual wipes. Depending on your needs and applications, they are also available as dry rolls of wipes that can be saturated with a disinfecting agent or as saturated rolls of wipes in bags (ready to use).

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