About us

Nonwoven fabric is an extremely versatile and fascinating product. From the day imeco was founded, our fascination for nonwoven products has shaped us. And, just as our passion for this product spurs us on each and every day, we are advancing the development of nonwoven fabrics. That has made us top experts in this field – regardless of whether that is for standard products or customer-specific solutions.

But we are not just experts. Above all, we are a reliable, flexible and dynamic full-service partner. Our many years of experience in the production of nonwoven fabrics for standard products for the medical care, personal care and technical care sectors offers you tremendous benefits when it comes to the development and manufacture of custom, tailor-made products. Using machines custom-built for this process, we guarantee top quality standards and always pay special attention to sustainability.

The imeco benefits

Experience, expertise and quality: You can find these benefits, which typify imeco, throughout our product portfolio – regardless of whether these are standard or customer-specific products. What does that mean for you?

Support and assistance from the initial product idea and its design to the development of the optimal packaging

A continuous dialogue to find the ideal nonwoven fabric solution for every application

Consultation when it comes to market needs and requirements, especially in the medical products sector

Support and peace of mind in terms of legal requirements and guidelines

Explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of different types of packaging

Everything from a single source

In short: As nonwoven fabric experts, we support you every step of the way, no matter what you need.

imeco satisfaction

Our core strength is the development and production of innovative and custom nonwoven products for a wide range of applications. An experienced team of experts works in our state-of-the-art production in close consultation with you and always pursues one main goal: Finding a reasonably and competitively priced solution that meets or even exceeds your quality and performance standards. It's the only way we'll be satisfied.

The imeco management

Rolf Naeder became imeco's managing director in November 2019. The graduate electrical engineer leads the company by taking advantage of his wealth of 25 years of production, development and medical technology experience.

Our philosophy

We come up with solutions. Thanks to years of experience, flexibility and drive, we are your reliable and solutions-oriented development partner. We help you overcome any challenge – from the initial idea to series production – and find the perfect solution by working with you. This pledge governs everything we do and guides our corporate philosophy.

Thanks to our comprehensive experience and vertical range of production, this is a promise that we can keep by implementing custom-made products consisting of nonwoven fabrics, textiles or composite materials and their packaging. Our daily work is shaped by the confidence in and appreciation of our customers, partners and employees, who are our most important asset. Protecting the environment through preserving resources and sustainability are also top priorities.

With team spirit and great dedication, we always strive to exemplify these values and, as a result, continuously improve the performance of the company.

Our standard: Top quality "Made in Germany" in everything we do

Our standard to only produce top quality is deeply engrained in our DNA. That is why we have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for many years.

Just like our customers, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. In order to meet and guarantee these standards on every level, we at imeco adhere to a certified quality management system that we are constantly refining while observing all applicable laws, guidelines and regulations. That gives our customers and employees the peace of mind and certainty to know that our services will keep improving.

Feel free to also ask us about medical device reporting (MDR). Our experts are always ready to answer your questions.

Compliance & sustainability

All of our internal processes are geared toward sustainability. As a business, imeco always acts responsibly toward its customers, business partners, shareholders and employees while adhering to clear principles.

Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible begins with the purchase of our raw materials. We use state-of-the-art technology to preserve energy and handle our materials with great care. Our commercial and social activities are based on a clearly defined code of conduct and a sustainability declaration that is always up to date.

The future of the environment, our society and our economy, but also that of each employee or business partner of imeco, rests on the need for business to be conducted in a sustainable manner. By employing the "SpeakUp" whistleblower system, we have created a clearly defined structure that is accessible to anybody and ensures an open and honest corporate culture.

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