Airbags to protect occupants, used, for example, in case of a collision for the retention of people as a safety device in vehicles, e.g. front, head and side airbags.


Airlaid cellulose fibres, which thanks to their suction volume and elasticity, are used in the manufacture of consumer goods.

Anti-pilling finish

Finishing process to prevent pilling - mechanically by singeing, shearing or grinding or by impregnation of textiles with film-forming agents, e.g. with acrylic or vinyl polymers. 


Antimicrobial property of a product to prevent the development or proliferation of bacteria (bacteriostatic) or to eliminate any existing bacteria (bactericide). 


Property for killing fungi and microorganisms, such as bacteria, (bactericidal, fungicidal) or preventing its development or reproduction (bacteriostatic, fungistatic).

Antistatic finish

Method for preventing and reducing electrical charging of textiles, especially those made of synthetic fibres.

Aramid fibre (AR)

High-performance synthetic fibres made of aromatic polyamides. 

Arthroscopy cloth

Medical surgical drape for sterile covering, for example, in knee arthroscopy procedures. 


Lapping or binding of warp knits. The number of machine courses in one direction including a reverse course lends the Atlas its designation of "number of rows", such as four-row Atlas.