Dymetrol® - the seating suspension system for the perfect seat

Dymetrol® – a unique, high-tech material – has a proven track record as a reliable solution in many applications, particularly in passenger transport. As a seating suspension system with various different uses, Dymetrol® is used in car and aeroplane seats, as well as in the furniture industry for stools, armchairs and sofas.

Dymetrol® also offers a number of properties that make it suitable for all possible seating designs: it is durable, flexible, recyclable and springs back into its original shape without memory effect. What’s more, it is particularly suitable in situations where you need to save on space and weight. Dymetrol® seat suspension system minimise the need for foam or springs, and can even do away with them entirely in some applications.

Dymetrol® is available in Europe exclusively via imeco.

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