Non-woven fabric in the household

Let’s admit it: who could live without a little help from wipes or sponges around the house?

Whether it’s washing or wiping, cleaning or personal care, non-woven fabric can be found in virtually every household kitchen and bathroom, not to mention in all other areas where this ‘little helper’ is desperately needed.

We take our inspiration from existing standards for the household cleaning sector and have been manufacturing quality products made from non-woven fabric for many years, including rolled and cloth goods. At the same time, we have a dedicated product development team that works closely with our customers; this means we can stay up to date with new and changing requirements relating to material quality and packaging for use in environments such as private households.

With the wide range of technical possibilities we have at our disposal, it goes without saying that we surpass all the latest standards. Is there something you’re desperate to get hold of but there doesn’t seem to be an off-the-shelf model for it yet? Get in touch and we’re confident that we’ll find the right solution for you! After all, with our combination of available colours, different materials and bespoke packaging ideas, what more could you possibly want?