Non-woven fabric for car maintenance

Our customers can also rely on our experience and the quality of our products when it comes to car maintenance. In fact, our non-woven products are used on a daily basis and are well known as privately branded products in the form of wet wipes and cleaning gloves.

You will also find our reliable product and packaging solutions used in professional vehicle cleaning services. What’s more, with the wide range of technical possibilities we have at our disposal, it’s our pleasure to create car maintenance products for you including wet or dry cloths or rolled goods. Just get in touch and we’d be delighted to bring your ideas to life.

After all, with our combination of available colours, different materials and bespoke packaging designs, what more could you possibly want? Are you looking to add your logo to your product? No problem! Your slogan can be directly incorporated onto your car maintenance or cleaning products using techniques such as scatter printing.

Here is a small excerpt from our current, standard-range car maintenance catalogue: