Non-woven and Dymetrol® in the automotive industry

The flexible, high-tech fabric Dymetrol® is already in use for seat suspension in over 18 million vehicles, offering an efficient system in the driving seat as well as for all passengers.

Made from thermally bonded high-performance monofilament (DuPont Hytrel) and polyester yarns, Dymetrol® offer an innovative, economical and ergonomic alternative to conventional seat suspension systems.

Also in the same market sector, we have been supplying air bag protection coversfor over 15 years with great success. These covers offer protection for the front, head and side air bags, which are folded into these covers.

What’s more, you can even find our punched non-woven products and filters in the automotive sector, which have been manufactured in line with our customers’ requirements for special applications.

We are also happy to draw up models for other automotive products in line with your specifications, regardless of the intended purpose. Just let us know what you need!