Disinfection Wipes in Pails

The use of pails to dispense disinfectant wipes is a hygienic way to remove them one by one. The wipes are available either as dry rolls that can be impregnated with disinfectant solution or rolls of ready-to-use, pre-impregnated wipes in bags (Ready-to-use).

Pail with disinfectant wipes

Product details

Material of Pail:


Material of Lid:

Polypropylene (PP)

Material of Removal Opening:

Polyethylene (PE)

Material of Wipe Roll:

individual according to customer wishes

Colour of the Pail:


Colour of the Removal Opening:

  • white
  • individual colours on request


label printing

Package Unit Pail:

according to customer wishes

Package Unit Cover with Removal Opening:

according to customer wishes