Dymetrol® in the aerospace industry

An absolute plus in the lightweight segment - priced high product quality, innovative, economical, sustainable and all of that ergonomically feasible?

It reads like a wish list but we present you with Dymetrol® , a product that actually fully meets the above requirements.

Dymetrol® is a suspension system which is produced from a high performance monofilament (DuPont Hytrel) and polyester yarns and thermally bonded.

For several years, we have supplied customers with patented Dymetrol® in the interior cabin area.

In this way, a German airline could not only gain more seating but also reduce the unladen weight despite additional rows of seats.  

Therefore, you should take a look at Dymetrol® to recognise its incomparable potential:

  • Dymetrol® reduces the overall weight of the aircraft creating additional seating capacity.
  • Dymetrol® eliminates the use of foam and spring materials. You not only save material, but create space in the aircraft cabin, increase the number of seat options and offer comfortable seating of the new dimension. 
  • Dymetrol® stands for a high level of design freedom so that your creativity knows no limits even with "slim-line" projects. 
  • Load tests show that Dymetrol® is almost indestructible. The material maintains the level of ergonomics, comfort, shape and tautness throughout its product life cycle. 
  • The installation of Dymetrol® is very simple and reduces assembly during prototype times.