Dymetrol® in passenger transport

Whether in coaches or transit buses, trains or trams, each passenger is delighted with a comfortable seat.

Finding an innovative product which provides the possibility of many seats and maintains the unladen weight of the vehicle or even reduces it is therefore an economic success.

Dymetrol® is already being used in passenger transport in the United States. In Germany, the material currently demonstrates its high and attractively priced quality in the lightweight segment within the furniture, automotive and aerospace industries.  Our customers appreciate Dymetrol® as a sustainable and ergonomic alter-native to conventional suspension variations.

Manufactured from a high-performance monofila-ment (DuPont Hytrel) and polyester yarns which are entirely thermally bonded, Dymetrol® offers you the following benefits: 

  • Dymetrol® reduces (or maintains) the total weight of the vehicle
  • Dymetrol® eliminates the use of foam and spring materials. You not only save material, but create space in the passenger area, increasing the number of seat options and offering comfortable seating of the new dimension
  • The potential savings in material, time and effort offer the opportunity to work even more sustainably
  • Dymetrol® has a high level of design freedom so that your creativity knows no limits even with "slim-line" projects
  • Load tests show that Dymetrol® is almost indestructible. The material maintains the level of ergonomics, comfort, shape and tautness throughout its product life cycle

The installation of Dymetrol® is very simple and and reduces assembly time during prototype testing.