Head airbag cover

Airbags are now standard equipment for new passenger cars. Front airbags, side airbags and head airbags are differentiated by their location.

Head airbags are activated when a side collision occurs and serve to protect the occupants from contact with the side window, the B-pillar or penetrating objects. The head is supported over a large area which prevents the lateral hyperextension of the cervical vertebrae.

At imeco, we produce covers for this vital product which protect the airbag and facilitate installation in the vehicle.

The softcover for the head protection airbag is, as a rule, an approximately two meter long hose with several cut-outs and is located between the roof and interior panel. The airbag with cover is usually located on both sides of the vehicle from the A-pillar to the C-pillar. In order to optimally use the small space between the roof and the interior panel, the cover is thinner in the area of the A-pillar than in the remaining area.

Our qualified non-woven fabrics meet all requirements for tear and tear-propagation resistance as well as the temperature demands in the roof area of the automobile. For particularly critical requirements, the material can be reinforced at the clamping points. The relevant standards of the automotive industry for safety components are met, of course.

As a predetermined breaking point, a perforation can be made, which - according to your wishes - can be selected freely to be adapted to any individual design. 

The covers can be printed on request with warning text.