Front airbag cover

Airbags are now standard equipment for new passenger cars. Front airbags, side airbags and head airbags are differentiated by their location in the vehicle.

Front airbags are used for the protection of the driver and front passenger (driver and passenger airbag) and detonate about 15 ms after the impact. A further 35 ms are necessary until the cushion is fully deployed. These are just fractions of seconds which are sufficient to save your life!

At imeco, we produce covers for this vital product which protect the airbag and facilitate installation in the vehicle.

Bonding with metal or welding with polyamide housings are the most commonly used methods for the production of protective covers for the front airbags. The high tear-propagation resistance of our polyamide materials enables its attachment to the clamping points without additional reinforcement.

Our materials can be welded using ultrasound welding with excellent results so that critical anchoring can be avoided.

The covers can be printed on request with warning text.