wins the indexTM14 Award

The Coveted Award for our NOCEMI®-MED Disinfection Wipes

Edana awards frequently the best innovations within the nonwoven industry at INDEX in Genf.

This year we were among the happy winners and gained this coveted award with our new development NOCEMI®-MED disinfection wipes in the category “Finished products made from or incorporating nonwovens“.

The innovation of this new product is the development of non-woven wipes in combination with the latest generation of disinfectants.

The NOCEMI®-MED liquid itself is unique in its effectiveness (it acts bactericide, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal an in addition virucidal „high level“ (DVV guideline)) and consists exclusively of natural and synthesized natural ingredients – without any alcohol and quarternary ammonium compounds. The effectiveness of the disinfectant wipes is proven among others in the so called 4-field-test by independent institutions.

NOCEMI®-MED wipes disinfect non-invasive medical equipment and associated surfaces. As surface-disinfectant wipes, they are applicable for all areas, where a rapid and effective disinfection is necessary. NOCEMI®-MED wipes are suitable f.e. for:
- medical and dental surgeries
- ophthalmological surgeries and opticians fort the prevention of viral infections
- op-inventory and operating tables
- emergency doctors vehicle, ambulances
- examination couches and surgical trolleys
- surgery gowns, rubber aprons, operation shoes and laundry
- toilet seats and bath tubs
- bed frames

NOCEMI®-MED is available in can dispenser or as ready-to-use bags for pail dispensers with removal opening.

Our NOCEMI®-MED disinfection wipes are a result of a long process and we are proud, that this development efforts has been awarded by this indexTM14 Award.