Ready to Use Bag

imeco developed a wet wipe removal system.

Bag instead of pail? That hits the mark. With the background that wipe roll changes in pail solutions can be problematical regarding contamination of disinfectant products, the idea was born to develop a bag for wet wipes with own removal cap to reduce the contact as far as possible while changing these non-woven wipe rolls.

And we just managed this with the new Ready-to-Use Bag with own patented removal cap. With this bag the restock of non-woven disinfectant wipes is really simple.

You only have to remove the sealing label, cut out the opening, pull out the most interior wipe of the roll a little bit through the star-shaped removal opening of the lock and screw the lock onto the bag - ready!

The wipes are already impregnated with the desired liquid and consequently ready to use without further efforts.

The counter nut which is welded with the bag ensures the secure position of the removal cap. The sealing label, arranged at the removal cap, can be positioned clearly visible after removing at the back of the bag to show the batch.

imeco's Ready-to-Use Bags are available as 4-edge bags or as stand-up pouches for a secure stand - individual solutions for different wipe sizes and applicable infiltration fluids. Totally according to your requirements.

Depending on the ordered quantity we offer an all-over print of the bag to show all the required information according to your corporate design. For that puropose the removal cap is available in various standard colours or depending on the ordered quantity also in individual colours according to your wishes.

Of course you can use this bag as a refill bag for every conventional pail solution.

Ask us, your contact person would be pleased to advise you individually or visit our product site and get more information - here.


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