abrasive, very absorbent and streak-free

imeco developed a new non-woven wipe - Powerclozz - which acts within only one wipe abrasive, with a very high absorbent capacity as well as streak-free and is so suited best for wiping and dish washing.

With two strong sides – a smooth one and an abrasive one – you can remove stubborn dirt with one side and clean smooth surfaces streak-free with the other side.

This new non-woven wipe made from a mixture of viscose and PLA and with a basis weight of 250 g/m2 has got best cleaning properties. With a user-friendly format of 20 x 20 cm, a huge suction power (up to 1000% of the own weight) this wipe is a multitalent in the kitchen – for smooth surfaces and dishes e.g. made from porcelain or ceramic, for stainless steel and silver, for cutlery and glasses.

A further advantage is the odour-reduction. Unpleasant odours, as often noticed from commercial dish cloths, are reduced to a minimum with this wipe.

In addition the durable Powerclozz is tear-resistant, of high tensile strength and on top washable. The abrasive coating itself has got enduring stability – also during machine washing.

But the imeco Powerclozz is not only satisfying by its application features. The material itself has been examined exactly and was selected as well regarding sustainability aspects.

So the chosen basis-materials for the wipe – viscose and PLA – meet high cleaning features as well as the requirements regarding sustainability, because this non-woven material is made from 100% natural raw material.

The wipe is available in the latest trend colour apple green with orange abrasive dots in tubular bags with three or four wipes. Of course further combinations of colours are possible. Ask us. We will be happy to give you advice.