New Website

imeco presents itself dynamic and fresh

In 2013 the new corporate design was launched and now is carried through on all levels of the classic advertising.

About one year later imeco’s new homepage is online.

With a lighter logo and key visuals to represent graphically the significant application fields such as cleaning, cosmetics, medicine and technique, imeco now presents itself fresh and dynamic. In addition with the claim “more than non-woven” imeco points out, that the company manufactures “more” than only commercial non-woven products.

As private label manufacturer we don’t only want to offer a new website with a fresh design, but give you in fact useful information about our product range as well as about our manufacturing capabilities from which you can benefit.

User friendly with product-finder, important information, a responsive design to retrieve all necessary information on the way via Smartphone or Tablet-PC without restrictions, you will get the desired website with only few mouse clicks.

In line with our philosophy „tailor-made products made from non-woven“ we are close to you  to offer our customers and prospective customers even more and better service.

As converter of non-woven products with a comprehensive machinery, an own engineering and a high degree of flexibility, we realize your ideas as your partner and service provider at your side.