Hightech fabric combines excellent comfort and minimal weight

Unlike other passenger tranport vehicles, e.g. train or ship, where passengers are able to move during travelling, the freedom of movement in an aircraft is limited. The fact, that the passengers remain seated for about 95% during the flight time, the passenger seat is a primary factor regarding travel comfort.

But in contrast to coach seats where comfort is paramount, much more factors have to be taken into consideration with aircraft seats.

Apart from the costs, the components weight, space and time savings, ergonomics, comfort and design have a great influence on the passenger seat.

The suspension system Dymetrol® meets all of these components to an exceptional degree.

With Dymetrol® you can reduce weight, costs and time without having to forgo ergonomics and design freedom.

But how does it work?

Quite easy, because Dymetrol® is a thermally bonded and pressure deformation resistant hightech woven fabric made from polyester yarns in the warp and elastic yarns – the so called Hytrel® – in the weft.

The so resulted elasticity in combination with the stability of the woven fabric lend the material special properties which are in particular appreciated in the seating manufacturing and in this sector especially as suspension system.

Besides, the adaptability without material fatigue ensures the durability of the final product.

Furthermore Dymetrol® contains other essential advantages compared with common systems:

Dymetrol® is really easy to install and admits all current assembly options.

To obtain diverse seat firmnesses, we offer Dymetrol® in different qualities, so that differentiated suspension can be guaranteed where it is useful and necessary.

In addition the elastic fabric can be fixed at the back frame of the seat for the elastic support either directly or at an adjustable substructure.

Dymetrol® eliminates the use of foam- and spring material, because this high-tech fabric assumes their functions with its features. 

You not only save material, but you create space in the aircraft cabin, increase the number of seat possibilities and offer new dimensions in seating comfort.

In short, Dymetrol® is a fabric that is suitable best for manufacturing seats in particular in the light weight sector, because to use Dymetrol® as suspension system for the passenger seats means that you reduce the total weight of the aircraft while gaining additional seats.