Dymetrol® - not only ingenious but easy in handling as well

Anyone who is familiar with Dymetrol® knows, that this high-tech fabric has been tailor-made for use in the lightweight construction.

Wherever comfortable seats with lowest volume and weight must be constructed or installed, Dymetrol® is used worldwide already today.

With its optimized features, such as: 

  • durability
  • ergonomics
  • shape conforming
  • immediate material regeneration as well as
  • resistance against chemicals, ozone, mould, decomposition, bacteria, urine, sweat, gasoline, saltwater and acetic acid

seat manufacturer appreciate Dymetrol® as an unique suspension system without springs.

But a lot of people only know that Dymetrol® is ingenious because of its features but are not aware of the easy handling of this distinctive fabric.

Dymetrol® enables all common mounting options to fix it on your individual seat construction.

Whether with profiles, hooks, Velcro or with a sewed cover – you have the choice to decide which method is the best for your seat construction.

Using profiles only requires to sew the woven fabric on the profile before attaching it directly to the frame. To fix Dymetrol® with hooks onto your seat construction, you have to fasten the hooks at the wire within the pre-sewed Dymetrol® loop first.

Another possibility is using Velcros. For this purpose loop and hook are attached in position to reach the necessary material tension. Additional push-buttons guarantee the exact position. Or you sew a cover with Dymetrol® which only has to be put over the frame.

You see, compared to common suspension systems, Dymetrol® is really simple to install. So enjoy as seat manufacturer design freedom with Dymetrol® and realize your ideas without missing comfort or ergonomics. 

To obtain diverse seat firmnesses, we offer Dymetrol® in different qualities, so that differentiated suspension can be guaranteed where it is useful and necessary. 

Dymetrol®– an ingenious as well as simple suspension system.stem.