Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 - Hamburg

At the beginning of April this year, Dymetrol® exhibited its seat suspension system at the Aircraft Interiors trade fair in Hamburg. We were able to meet long-standing customers as well as new customers in the aerospace and automotive sectors and to hold interesting discussions about the lightweight design of the seat.

Our newly designed booth was well received and we found it very successful.

The trade fair Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg is the international exhibition on aircraft interiors. More than 500 international exhibitors will be presenting their aircraft interior products and services at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Dymetrol® is the answer to the question of novel seat suspension techniques. Already active in the home, in the automobile, in passenger transport Dymetrol® proves its innovative ability as a serious alternative for spring and belt systems, clips, insulation and foam underlays.

In terms of materials, Dymetrol® is a material that is ideally suited for use in lightweight construction thanks to the savings potential of upholstery materials and, in addition, saves costs. We are already installed in some cars in the third row of seats and help significantly to save weight.