A new star in the SUV-Galaxy

Dymetrol®-Seat Suspension System in the new Skoda Kodiaq

In November 2016 the new SUV from Skoda was presented to the media.

We are very pleased, because our product Dymetrol® is integrated in this vehicle model.

The vehicle model „Kodiaq“ is named after the biggest brown bear in the world, which is living on the island with the same name in the US-state Alaska. With this car of the SUV class a vehicle with great dimensions will be launched on the market.

Our Dymetrol® will be installed in the third seat row, which can be folded down to disappear in the loading floor. So the advantages of Dymetrol® are exploited consistently – high seat comfort within minimal space.

However, the additional seat row isn´t included in the standard equipment, but depending on the equipment variant it is available for a surcharge of 750 EUR.

Therefore, we hope that there will be a variety of buyers and many of those who will decide for the optional third seat row as soon as the Czech bear will be available by the distributors from March 2017.