Compliance / Sustainability

In all processes, the topic of sustainability is near and dear to us. As responsible acting company to customers, business partners, shareholders as well as employees, imeco is committed to clear principles.

Principles which are set down ...

... in a code of coduct and also in a sustainability declaration. They form the framework for its corporate and social actions.

At imeco, we are committed to the environment to a special degree. Already when purchasing our raw materials, we observe a high level of environmental compatibility. Using the latest technology, we save energy and deal sparingly with materials.

Environmental protection at imeco is considered a managerial responsibility and the management is committed to the permanent improvement of operational environmental performance. This includes not only the economical use of energy but also the careful use of all natural resources.


Compliance/ SpeakUp for reports

Sustainable commerce provides the basis for positive future prospects for the environment, society and the economy, as well as each individual employee or business partner of imeco.

The cornerstones of the culture of INDUS are the distribution of the key requirements and the  independent implementation and management for us as a subsidiary company, as well as a shared understanding of values and the minimisation of risks for a sustainable corporate development.

The “SpeakUp” reporting system creates additional trust and security on the basis of a clearly defined structure for the reporting and the escalation process which is accessible to everyone, thereby ensuring the sustainable success of the group and averting damage.

Here you will find the privacy information for whistleblowers and parties involved.