Dymetrol® - Seat Suspension Light & Flexible

Dymetrol® is the answer to your request for novel suspension technology for seating. Dymetrol® is already actively used in living areas, cars and passenger transport which proves its innovative ability as a serious alternative for spring and belt systems, clips, insulation and foam suspension systems.

In terms of material technology, Dymetrol® is a material which is perfectly suited to the lightweight segment and saves costs due to the savings potential of the upholstery materials.

Dymetrol® is an elastic fabric which combines the components of seating comfort, ergonomics, function and durability together. It is used for the suspension of furniture. Depending on the seat character, a softer or tauter suspension can be chosen with the use of Dymetrol®.

We identify the best material with you during project discussions.

With the Interzum Award 2011 for "High Product Quality", we have been successfully developing the diversity of Dymetrol®for several years. So You can get Dymetrol® e.g. with various coatings (e.g.  artificial leather or flocking). 

The most important arguments for the use of this material are: 

  • a long product life
  • optimum seating comfort without pressure point structure with uniform seating pressure distribution
  • perfect recyclability
  • material regeneration without memory effect 


Target Groups:

    automotive, trucks (lorries),
aircraft, ships, furniture, special



  completely recyclable, long
product life


  ergonomics, design, material regeneration
without memory effect/relaxation, reduction
upholstery material (foam/foam thickness)


  Interzum award 2011 "High
Product Quality"


   rapid model construction, simple
attachment techniques, uncompli-
cated tool use


  - C 100
- C 125
- C 150
- C 200

technological aspects:

  facilitates ergonomic design, can
be integrated with lumbar


  Jounce & Squirm;
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015;

We make your product idea come true by using coated Dymetrol® (e.g. imitation leather).

Of course, we offer Dymetrol® in all its variants as a "green" version: "green Dymetrol®".

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