Bespoke filters and punched non-woven products

We manufacture individual products with varying non-woven fabric qualities for a whole host of industrial applications, all designed and implemented with customer specifications in mind. What these all have in common is their durability, which is an absolute necessity in industrial environments.

You can expect to find our punched non-woven products in sectors such as the automotive industry, or else in various filter systems used in other industries. We are also happy to draw up models for other punched non-woven products in line with your specifications, regardless of the intended purpose. Just let us know what you need!

Different fields of application require custom adjustments to be made to the punched products. In a bid to be able to respond your requirements and requests even better, not to mention become more efficient, we have invested in a fully automatic die-cutting system, which is already in operation.

Alongside our wide range of equipment for cut, stacked, punched and rolled goods, this machine has a rotating punching device that offers wide-ranging benefits, particularly with regard to efficiency, precision fit or contouring accuracy and output quantity. And with all these advantages for us, we’d love to pass them on to you, too!

Whether you need individual parts or a full roll with break-off points, we supply customised repeat pattern punched goods made to suit your specifications. Creating customised products is what we do best, and these are guaranteed to meet your needs in line with market trends.