For perfect hygienic hand cleaning - without alcohols or quarternary ammonium compounds.

Don't you sometimes think - especially in the flu season in the autumn and winter: "Does my counterpart have clean hands or am I running the risk of getting a cold by shaking hands?"

Or so it is for many of us who frequently come into contact with people - especially when a flu epidemic hits once again. But what can we do about it? Quite simple - hygienic hand cleaning!

At imeco, we see this problem as a challenge and have brought a solution to the marketn – NOCEMI®-SEPT!

NOCEMI®-SEPT is a cosmetic liquid based on natural and nature-identical ingredients with excellent cleaning properties.  Free of alcohols, aldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC), dyes, biguanides and artificial fragrances, NOCEMI®-SEPT cleanses hands hygienically and eliminates 99.9% of germs.  This is confirmed by the fulfilment of EN 1499 (hygienic hand wash).

NOCEMI®-SEPT is ideal for quick cleaning at home or on the go - wherever you need to clean quickly. Wiping or rinsing is not necessary!

NOCEMI®-SEPT is available ready for use as a cosmetic product in a 

  • handy Flowpack in a
  • 100 ml Personal Bottle or a
  • Spray Pen

The unique formulation of the cosmetic product acts bactericidal, levurocidal (C. albicans) and to a limited extent and as an additional benefit, virucidal according to EN 14476 (e.g. avian and swine flu). 

NOCEMI®-SEPT has been dermatologically tested under medical supervision (Dermatest "very good"; mucous membrane compatibility tested in the genital area) and NOCEMI®-SEPT is free of alcohols and animal ingredients thus it does not cause any unpleasant itching or emit any toxic substances.

NOCEMI®-SEPT has been reviewed by independent certified institutes and fully confirmed in its safety and efficacy. 

So you can confidently and safely shake hands even during flu season. With NOCEMI®-SEPT in your pocket - the ideal companion for travelling, home or in the office - you are prepared and have hygienically clean hands in no time!  Simply spray on your hands and rub or use the convenient moist non-woven wipes (made from 100% renewable materials and bleached without chlorine compounds (TCF)).